our breast friend: the little milk bar

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Hi, I'm Lindsay. Owner of The Little Milk Bar, a brand empowering breastfeeding moms.

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my super cool hubby Pete, daughter Allie (6) and son Koda (12 months). I'm addicted to pizza, wine and mom buns lol.

As a new breastfeeding mom 6 years ago I remember feeling stressed out, anxious and scared to breastfeeding in public.

I never really saw other moms breastfeeding and didn't have any breastfeeding friends to confide in. So I'm working super hard to build a brand that empowers breastfeeding moms. A brand that gives you permission to feed your baby whenever and wherever you need to. A brand that builds a community of moms just like YOU. A brand that posts as many breastfeeding pics as we can in the attempt to help #normalizebreastfeeding so you can have the courage to feed your baby. A brand that's mission is to make sure every single mother out there knows her rights to breastfeed in public.

Our #dropthecover movement is all about moms feeding their baby however they feel most comfortable.

It's here to educate women about public breastfeeding and that you absolutely don't have to wear a nursing cover if  you don't want to. I think that most moms feel like they HAVE to wear one when feeding in public, I know I used to never leave the house without mine because that's just what you did, that's what other moms did. But sometimes nursing covers suck... Babies get so hot under there, and most hate being covered when feeding because they can't see mama and the added stress of trying to get them to latch when you can't see them, it can be a mess. So we say, drop the cover (if you feel comfortable enough to) and stop the stress. 

I got my inspiration for The Little Milk Bar when I'd look around, while out and about, and noticing all the moms hiding in bathroom stalls, parked cars, sitting in the corner of the room all while feeding their baby.

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I felt inspired to create a brand that speaks directly to those women. A brand that has their back.

Feeding in public for the first time can be super hard. Especially if/when someone comes up to you and has the audacity to ask you to "feed your baby somewhere else". I was inspired to create a brand that let women know we had their back. That it's okay to use your voice, even if it shakes.

Oh man, I've secretly been WAITING for something like this came along. When I first watched the video about pumpspotting + the breast express movement, I couldn't stop smiling AND crying. Because it hits so close to home. SO many women out there feel the same way. Breastfeeding is hard, and to know you're not alone is like having a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Traveling all over the country and getting a bunch of kickass mamas together, talking boobs and babies???? Sign me up! It's incredibly empowering. 

My favorite nursing story happened last summer.

I was at a wedding and my son, who was 4 months old at the time, got hungry. I went and sat at out table in the corner of the room and fed him. A woman walked over to me and said, "do you really think you should be doing that here? Maybe you should go to the bathroom dear". My blood was boiling. I just smiled, turned away and continued on.

I'm incredibly PROUD of this moment. Because if this had happened just 5 years earlier with my daughter, I would have got up and went to feed her in the bathroom because I'd be so embarrassed. I realized how much I'd grown, how much confidence I'd gained and how proud I was to breastfeed. This was the night I went home and decided to create a this brand.

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For every new breastfeeding mom, or maybe this is your second or third (because every baby is different), who's up in the middle of the night in tears because you can't get your babe to latch properly, tried out of your mind, worried if they're getting enough, worried if you're "doing it right".... just remember, you got this mama!

You're not alone, we're behind you!