pumpspotting is a community-driven breastfeeding and digital health platform.

we connect and nourish new mothers on our app and in-person throughout the postpartum journey to help families meet their breastfeeding goals.

our app, mama feed programs, and work, nurse, flourish corporate lactation programs meet mothers where they are and serve what they need, when they need it, whether encouragement, advice, support from employers, or a place to pump.


our mission

to make breastfeeding and postpartum less isolating and more supportive at every stage in the journey.


our founder’s story

i’m an entrepreneur & recent wntm (working, nursing, traveling mother) to two kids. 


i’ve nursed in parks and playgrounds and parking lots and on hiking trails. i’ve pumped in makeshift offices, dressing rooms, my backseat, bathroom stalls and even between businessmen at 20,000 feet. i've hand expressed, had mastitis, seen many a look from others and a new level of crazy from myself when the frozen milk i shipped cross-country didn’t arrive.

i’ve had the great fortune to feed two beautiful children with my beautiful boobs.

yet somewhere over the course of my breastfeeding journey, i began to feel that something was missing. that i was feeling alone but not alone at all. women world-over nourish their wee ones every moment of the day and there is such strength in that collective energy. isn’t is time we tap into that?

it's time for us mamas (and mama supporters) to come together to connect and share stories (and killer pumping spots!) so that we’re not so isolated on our boob-ventures. let's nourish mamas and change the way the world treats breastfeeding.

all it takes is a little conversation,  a fresh perspective, and a whole lot of cheering on. you ready?

let's get pumpspotting.   

- amy

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the team


amy vanharen, CEO & founder

amy vanharen is an entrepreneur, mother, writer, speaker two-time breastfeeder, and founder of pumpspotting.

amy has built communities and led creative digital storytelling and marketing for over 17 years. she experienced deep isolation while trying to navigate working and breastfeeding and saw a better way to unite and empower all the nursing and pumping women of the world so she went on to create pumpspotting.

she’s pitched on a moving escalator on Apple’s reality show Planet of the Apps, been featured in FastCompany, and been awarded as a high-impact startup by MassChallenge.

amy never imagined that her passion to nourish her own family would lead her to nourishing others and take her 17,000 miles cross country on a 40-foot RV called the Breast Express. but now, as passionate as ever, she’s out to help one million more women reach their breastfeeding goals.

say hello, amy loves to send handwritten notes and to hear from moms. 


lindsey witmer collins, CTO

lindsey is an entrepreneur, UX designer, and founder of LWC App Studio, a full-service mobile app studio based in San Francisco, CA and Tripoli, Lebanon -- but she's proudest of her most recently title: mama.

lindsey has loved pumpspotting since it was just a twinkle in amy's eye, but she has a new appreciation for it now that she's a nursing mom herself and knows firsthand: it ain't easy. the pumpspotting community helps her keep going, as does its mantra, "don't quit on your hardest day." it is the joy of her life to build a product as powerful and meaningful to her as this.

lisa boettcher.JPG

lisa boettcher, head of marketing

lisa is an entrepreneur, writer, public health devotee and creative spirit, founder of Prim & Clove and dreamer of big things, but will always first and foremost be mama. she has experience in strategic communications, digital marketing and brand building as well as mothering small children and creating a rhythm as a working mom.

lisa is a three-time breastfeeder overcoming cracked nipples, low supply and sleepless nights. she thrives off of passion, believes in the art of storytelling, loves building community and encouraging others.

David Posegay.jpeg

david posegay, director of partnerships

david is a seasoned media management professional with over 20 years experience crafting and selling revenue driving partnerships for Clique Brands, Domino, Conde Nast and Time Inc.

Brianna Gasper.png

brianna gasper, breast express tour manager

brianna is a mother of four, entrepreneur, motivator and charity event planner with a huge heart. she is co-founder of Elevate MKE, a non-profit that plans events for charitable causes like childhood cancer and mental health. in the last 6 years she has helped raise over $150,000 to serve over 30 charities.

brianna is excited to spearhead the tour this year and find some exciting places to show up for and support breastfeeding mothers and families across the US. she is a four time breastfeeder and understands the struggle of balancing work + motherhood and wants to help eliminate the stigmas associated with fertility, breastfeeding and postpartum.

Maria Gohdes.jpg

maria ghodes, tour community manager

maria is a partner, mom to 3 (+1 on the way), childbirth educator + doula with GentleSurge, marketer, supporter and lifelong student. breastfeeding her 3 children has proven to be as different as each of their personalities, but all joyous and empowering in their own way.

she is passionate about connecting with people wherever they are along their parenting journey and building strong communities of support. she’s also fueled by a deep desire to lift people up in the postpartum period and make sure they know they are not alone, even during those 3 am feedings.