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these boobs were made for nursing (and sometimes pumping), but the world wasn't always made for us and our hard-working boobs.


welcome to pumpspotting, mama.

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nurse, pump, nourish, connect


the pumpspotting app is the social network for breastfeeding moms and the place to CONNECT OVER MILK, MOTHERHOOD AND THE BEST PLACES TO NURSE AND PUMP. 


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i just nursed my little one outside of my home for the first time! i couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of all of you. thank you for sharing your experiences and helping me feel comfortable being a nursing mom and also a human at the same time. turns out it’s possible!
— Jody P., Pleasant Hill, Illinois

meet the breast express


we're hopping back on board the breast express, our 40-foot pumpsuite on wheels, for tour 2.0!

in 2019 we’ll soon be traveling to more communities, checking in on more mothers, and continuing to nurture a world where breastfeeding women thrive. 


you got this, mama

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