our breast friend: the dairy fairy

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Hi There, my name is Emily Ironi, aka: "The Dairy Fairy."

My inspiration to make beautiful pumping + nursing friendly bras was my daughter Arden.

I was so lucky to become pregnant at 40 years-young with donor sperm and IVF. It was quite a journey, probably more like a roller coaster ride.

And I had a vision of how it was going to look and feel.

Well, reality didn’t mesh well with the “Fairy tale”. Having a baby, nourishing this incredible baby, and supporting myself - was NOT easy.

And I discovered that pumping was something I needed to do. Well, lets just say that I was not prepared for that part. And once I realized there was a major void in functional and beautiful undergarments for pumping moms, I made it my mission to create them.

I draw my inspiration for my bras from beautiful things. 

Because breastfeeding is beautiful. Babies are glorious. It was not a stretch to embrace the inherent beauty and accentuate it with a little lace.

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My favorite product is and will always be the Arden all in one nursing and handsfree pumping bra.  It’s the flagship product and its an homage to my baby girl.  

We’ve had other styles rise to the top, but the patent-pending Arden is truly groundbreaking in it’s ingenuity (its the only nursing/pumping bra that adjusts to your fluctuating size).

I recall reading about the pumpspotting initiative and thinking “alright, you go girls!”. 

Its a movement to normalize breastfeeding and support moms in a fun, casual and unique way. If I had dreamed up this incredible effort, I would have done it exactly the same way!

My very favorite nursing story happened as Arden was transitioning to solids and I had mixed her cereal with pumped breastmilk. 

My aunt was helping me with the feeding and got “curious” about the flavor and took a big spoon-full of the breastmilk cereal. She smiled and said it was tasty. When I told her the mix contained my breastmilk she started to laugh and we had a serious 10 minute laughing attack. I still laugh about it to this day.

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"you got this mama."

Get rid of any pre-conceived notions of what breastfeeding will look like for you.

A small shift in expectations can make a world of different. If you can embrace the attitude that you are good enough and you are trying hard enough, you’ll be pleased with your successes.

x, Emily