real talk with mamas like you: the perks of pumping

perks of pumping

Why is it that though pumping is a major convenience it can feel like a major inconvenience instead? Sometimes it just feels like another thing to interrupt your day or even the task you dread the most. Hooking yourself up to hear the er-er-er-er noise isn’t the most glamorous of activities, if we’re going to be honest. Thankfully, we have a community of pumping mamas to help give us a few uplifting sentiments when we are feeling stuck in the milk-making routine. Thanks to them, you may give a few perks of pumping a scroll…

the perks of pumping

“The beauty is that I knew when I was going to have to pump and didn't have to worry about where I was at that time. I could plan my day around it.” -Mama Dolores

“Ah, I'm pumping at work right now as I write this! It reminds me of what is truly important during a work day, as it connects me to my child and allows me to have a moment of peace during stressful times.” –Mama Kate

“Other people get to feed the little one! And I found it easier to give my babies probiotics and those vitamin d drops or anything like that.” -Mama Meghan

“Pumping allows me to be able to go to my holiday party (or anywhere away from baby for a length of time) without sacrificing breastfeeding my child and not explode when I am away from them. (I use a manual pump when I'm at something like a party....lightweight and can fit in my purse!) It gives me the ability to have some ME time still without having to use formula to do so.” -Mama Natasha

“When I've traveled for work or to conferences, I've been able to meet the most interesting people while finding places to pump. Swapping stories with other new moms at the event and even hotel/convention staff who share words of encouragement. While it's definitely a struggle, the benefits far outweigh the hassle.” –Mama Ellen

“With preemies and twins, breastfeeding was a huge undertaking and didn't work so pumping allowed me to do my best for my girls and not translate into a "failure." 1 year was an amazing and exhaustive challenge and it would have been easier to do formula and get sleep, but was a sacrifice I happily made.” –Mama Kelly

“I had preemie twins who spent 3 weeks in the hospital before coming home. Pumping helped me nourish my boys at a very fragile time for them. It also allowed us to take extra time to learn how to breastfeed (it took us over a month to get that down!). When I went back to work, I was still able to give them a healthy supply of milk.” –Mama Amber

“I mean it's a great excuse for getting out of things... for example: ‘I'm so sorry, husband, but I can't change our son’s diarrhea diaper right now because I HAVE to pump!’” –Mama Katie

“I suffered from a breast infection at 4 days and was able to pump and give her my milk for the next two weeks while it healed and she still got my milk! Then was able to re-latch and go between. Also saved so much money!!! (Well besides the shopping I did while pumping.)” –Mama Megan

“(I'm pumping as I type this) I like that breastfeeding gives me the opportunity to bond with my new baby, however pumping also gives my husband that opportunity. He never has to feel like, 'Mom gives you something I can't' which is important to him because he's a very hands-on dad.” –Mama Hailey

While there are days you may dread it, pumping isn't all that bad. These reminders from mamas in the thick of it will hopefully give you that perspective. Do you have anything to add? Share your pumping perks with us below!