10 things practical mamas do while they pump

Let’s face it there are downfalls to pumping during the workday. It can majorly upset a work flow, disrupt a good thought process, interrupt meetings and takeover sacred lunch breaks. While it’s a sacrifice on the part of the mama who is choosing to pump and provide her child with precious liquid gold, it is not always easy to view each pumping break so positively.

I have come to realize that sometimes I have to entice myself to take this break rather than just plug in, suction up + watch the minutes slowly pass by while the milk collects. Tick tock-drip, tick tock-drip, gets all too monotonous. Making a pumping break enjoyable can significantly reduce the amount of ‘burden’ it could be perceived to be.

Here are a few ways you could practically use your pumping breaks to bring more joy to your day:

1.     Read: Books, blogs, magazines, social media, the options are endless. You could read for pleasure or read something work-related to keep you on task for the day.

2.     Listen to music: Put your headphones in and turn on some of your favorite tunes. Music has a unique way of uplifting moods.

3.     Listen to a podcast: Try picking one podcast or series and stick with it. Because pumping breaks are short and you may not have time to listen to a full episode, you will look forward to your next break to hear more.

4.     Chat with a friend: Text messages are convenient and quiet when you’re on a pumping break. Do you have a friend who is also a pumping mama? Provide each other support. Do you have a friend who you chat with regularly? They will completely understand helping you fill this time with positive conversation!

5.     Look at pictures of your babes: My phone is FILLED with pictures of my little ones. It always makes me smile to look back at the latest photos, watch a few cute videos I captured of them or even scroll far enough back to see how tiny they once were.

6.     Write out your to-do list: Does your mind spin while you are on break? Put pen to paper {or use notes on your phone for those tech savvy mamas out there} and list out what you’re thinking through – for work or for home. Creating a to-do list always makes me feel like I have more of a handle of my ever-so-busy & evolving schedule. You’ll come out of your pumping session feeling like you’re ready to conquer.

7.     Cross something off of your to-do list: Take the time to schedule that appointment you’ve been putting off, respond to the email you received from your mom several days ago, find a recipe for tonight’s dinner or complete your order on Amazon. CHECK!

8.     Shop: This could be both practical and enjoyable. I’ve spent pumping breaks shopping for myself, ordering household items and even selecting a birthday gift for an upcoming party.

9.     Brighten someone else’s day: It’s a given that so many of us scroll through our social media feeds on more than a regular basis. Put a new spin on that scroll and reach out to someone who you’ve noticed in your feed. Send them an encouraging message or even just simply say hi. It will make both of you feel good.

10.  Eat: You don’t have kids around {and you’re using your hands free pumping bra} so take advantage of the freedom and eat while you can. Or, pour a cup of coffee and actually sip it while it’s hot, and not reheated.

Pumping is a convenience for working mothers. It’s effective and efficient, yet sometimes it’s just another task that can get in the way of our productivity. Mama = busy. By using one or all of these break time strategies, you’ll have the ability to foster a loving relationship of sorts with your pumping time while collecting all your ounces. 🍼 #yougotthismama


lisa boettcher is a writer, marketer, public health devotee and creative, but first and foremost a mama. she is a two-time breastfeeder (with more to come) and loves sending messages of positivity to others. her mantra is living in love and light, after all.

most days her ability to accomplish everything the WAHM life has to offer hinges on (steamy) chai tea lattes, but she is always a go getter. she loves the art of storytelling and the ability to connect with women through truth speaking and joy seeking. say hey over on Instagram, because she is always loving on photos of other mamas + typing out encouragement their way.