join us on the breast express

pumpspotting's breast express

who's ready for a little boob-venture?

our breast express kickstarter campaign launches on July 18!

we are packing our bags and mapping out routes because we're taking our breast express RV - and app - on the road to show up for breastfeeding women across the country.

you're our very first and best supporters, so we wanted to share the news with you first: we want to go on the road to meet you in person, to provide a place to nurse and pump with our "pumpsuite on wheels", and to figure out what you really need from us so that we can build it for you. and most of all, we want celebrate the good everywhere we find it. 

this will be the trip of a lifetime, and we want you all to come with us.

we need you to tell us where to go and who to celebrate. to connect us to your communities, so that we can listen, and understand, how to empower more women to #putaboobonit.

on our journey we will:

· drive from California to Maine, the same trajectory founder Amy’s frozen milk took during all those months of pumping and shipping

· park our pumpsuite on wheels where you all tell us you need us most (and where you most need a lovely place to pump or nurse)

·  start conversations in your communities and bring visibility to the breastfeeding movements already taking place

· surprise and delight moms in the trenches

·  capture and share stories of breastfeeding in all places, in all its forms

· populate new pumpspots

· update and add app features in real time- and celebrate all the husbands, best friends, co-workers, sisters, businesses, doulas, and more who make breastfeeding easier

· show up for moms.

for you, who feels alone in the bathroom. you, who sheds some tears because the milk has stopped coming. you, who is afraid to leave the house when you have to nurse, and especially you, who stares down the face of the flange and contemplates giving up.

you all are why we’ve chosen a tour. 

our goal is to grow the community of support and connect with moms (by connecting moms) so we can understand what is really needed and build a breastfeeding app – and world – that helps make the journey a little less isolating and a whole lot easier.

this campaign? we have put our whole hearts into it, creating it for all the mamas. for those who have been there, those who are there, those who will be there - and those who support them. and we know that includes you.

by the time we are done, with your help, we will connect with over 50,000 moms, scope out 20,000 new pumpspots, and get 10,000 honks of support on the road.

if you’re a mom for moms, if you rally for making milk and reaching milestones, or just support moms who aim to nurse and pump, please join our movement on kickstarter and share it with others.

together, we can show up for breastfeeding moms. #putaboobonit

Launching July 18.


the pumpspotting team