everything you need for starting your baby on solids

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so your baby is about ready to start eating food. what now?

after months of breastfeeding and pumping, you’ve gotten your routine and all the necessary equipment down pat: the pump, the breastfeeding pillow, the right nipple level on your bottle, the perfect timing on the bottle warmer, and the exact posture your baby prefers to be in for their feeds.

but as always seems to be the case with parenting, once you’ve feel like you have everything figured out, your baby is ready something new!

don’t worry mama, we’re here to help you with everything you need to get your baby started eating. from seats, to spoons, to the food itself, we’ve found some of the greatest options around to suit every budget and every baby.

here is a complete list of what you need to get your little one started eating their first foods:

1. a place for baby to sit.

while babies can drink milk fully reclined, the proper swallowing and digestion of food requires the baby to be upright and sitting with minimal assistance.

2. a bib to protect baby’s clothes

you’ll find out quickly if your baby is an eater who gets it all in their mouth (rare) or if they’re the type who splatter food everywhere (more common:). chances are that regardless of your baby’s eating style, you’ll want something to protect their clothing so you’re not needing to change them after every meal.

  • free option: create bandana like bibs by cutting triangles of absorbent fabric from a towel or flannel shirt that you no longer need
  • there is the classic type of bib
  • and organic bibs
  • there are bibs have pouches at the bottom to contain food that doesn’t make it into baby’s mouth
  • and even baby smocks to cover baby’s entire upper half (except their hair!)

3. a spoon for baby to eat from.

this one is pretty self explanatory. the food has to get from the baby jar or bowl into baby’s mouth somehow!

4. last but not least, you need food itself!

as a breastfeeding mama, you've fed your baby liquid gold since birth. why stop feeding them the best now?

  • look for foods with natural, organic ingredients 
  • introduce baby to a range of tastes and flavors 
  • shop brands you know and trust


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