these boobs were made for nursing
(and sometimes pumping)
but the world wasn't always made for us
and our hard-working boobs

welcome to pumpspotting, mama.

a community of moms sharing
the best places to pump, nurse
and nourish on the go



over mamahood, nipple cream
and the many trials and triumphs
of nursing and pumping

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find a spot
near you

traveling to unknown lands? if a pumpspotting mama's been there, you'll surely find some local gems 



share your spots

from the airport mothering room to the big booth at the back of the local pizza joint, spot it, rate it, and help your fellow mamas feed their babes (and relieve their boobs)

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the pumpspotting story

i'm an entreprenuer & WNTM (working, nursing, traveling mother) of two kids who has been pumpspotting for the past four years. 

i’ve nursed in parks and playgrounds and parking lots and on hiking trails. i’ve pumped in makeshift offices, dressing rooms, my backseat, bathroom stalls and even between businessmen at 20,000 feet. i've hand expressed, had mastitis, seen many a look from others and a new level of crazy from myself when the frozen milk I shipped cross-country didn’t arrive.

i’ve had the great fortune to feed two beautiful children with my beautiful boobs.

yet somewhere over the course of my breastfeeding journey, i began to feel that something was missing. that I was feeling alone but not alone at all. women world-over nourish their wee ones every moment of the day and there is such strength in that collective energy. isn’t is time we tap into that?

it's time for us mamas (and mama supporters) to come together to connect and share stories (and killer pumping spots!) so that we’re not so isolated on our boob-ventures. let's nourish mamas and change the way the world treats breastfeeding.

all it takes is a few ratings, a little conversation, and a whole lot of you. let's get pumpspotting.   

- amy  

get to know amy: listen to her podcast interview on core nourishment!


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