pumpspotting daily Mama Feed

let us nourish you.

every day for a month we are going to feed you confidence, hope, help, and support — all in the name of milk and motherhood.


hey mama,

we see you. we know the exhaustion and the loneliness, we know the happiness and the pain. we know how much effort and emotion it takes to nourish your little ones. and we see that you could use a little nourishment too. 

so we are here to feed you

to say: you got this

our daily feed program was created to make the day-to-day of breastfeeding a little easier. we’ll be sharing daily encouragements, laughs and moments that make you raise your hand and say yep, that’s me. 

we will remind you that you are capable of hard things and a capable parent. that you are strong and celebrated.

that most importantly, you are not alone and you are part of a community of beautiful breastfeeding women. pumpspotting is here to make this nursing and pumping journey, this emotional experience and demanding commitment called breastfeeding, less isolating and more supportive. 

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  • words of wisdom to keep you going

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  • relatable stories that shine a light on the world of breastfeeding

  • and maybe a few tears (the good kind not the spilled milk kind)

let us feed you if you… 

…are the center of nourishment for your baby(ies)

…find your life centers around putting a boob on it

…spend more time with your breast pump than you do your partner

…are juggling any form or different forms of feeding: nursing, pumping, supplementing, exclusively pumping, round-the-clock

…haven’t slept through the night since…well, who knows when?

…find breastfeeding harder than you thought it would be

…want to reach your breastfeeding goal

…eat, sleep, dream, and talk all things feeding: supply, schedule, sessions, you name it

…could use a pick me up

the daily feed is part cheerleader, part coach, part breast friend. 

let’s get started…