pumpspotting love: coveted things

we are so pleased to introduce to you a pumpspotting love, coveted things. we fell in love with these beautiful swaddles for their soft fabric and true beauty that reflects authentic motherhood. we soon fell in love with (founder) Meridith and her approach to motherhood and entreprenuership. mamas, you can all do amazing things. let Meridith further inspire you to go out and do them...

Did you really launch the Coveted Things business while 8 months pregnant? Tell us about how the business came about and how the beautiful, soft, luxurious swaddle scarf was born.

The initial concept for Coveted Things was actually born earlier, right before I had my first daughter Stella back in 2011. I decided to leave my career in the apparel industry after her birth, but soon realized that I needed a creative outlet. I always had this dream in the back of my mind of creating modern baby swaddles that you could use for a multitude of purposes, but kept talking myself out of it. Contemporary swaddles just did not exist at that time. I would use my scarves as breastfeeding covers, and to swaddle her, because I really did not like what was available. I wanted to create something that my husband and I both could enjoy using. I knew if I felt this way, others must have also. I figured I was onto something.

I came across a quote by Arthur Ashe, 'Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.'  Everything changed the day I read that quote, it was truly the tipping point for me. I printed out that quote and taped it to my wall, so that I was forced to look at it and read it every day. I figured I might as well just try what I really wanted to do. The worst thing that could happen was that it wouldn't work out, but I knew that if I never attempted it, I would always wonder 'what if'. I started with nothing, I had to figure out and find all of the puzzle pieces through trial and error. I found out that I was pregnant with Goldie (surprise!) after I had begun the process, and as with Stella, I had hyperemesis gravidarum with this pregnancy. It was really tough, especially while chasing after a toddler. At the time, my husband was working really long hours, and traveling a lot with his career. There were days that I didn't think that I was going to make it out alive, but despite that I kept pushing through with my dream, because I knew this is what I wanted to do, this was my passion. I had a deadline of sorts, I knew that everything had to be up and running before my due date, because if it wasn't, it probably wasn't going to be done. Having children gives you the most amazing motivation. You really cut out the bullshit, and get going on what needs to be done, because as you learn quickly, time becomes your greatest enemy. I really wanted to give up many times, but looking back, I am so glad that I didn't.  

You’ve said that you and your husband craved a more modern look for your nurseries. Where did most of your inspiration come from?

My background is in apparel design. I worked for private label manufacturer for many years as a designer for Urban Outfitters, Barneys, so many stores. My world had always been surrounded by contemporary design. When I left that world after my first daughter was born, I was thrown into a world of little kitchy all over print animals everywhere. Honestly it drove me crazy. I felt like I was stuck in babyland, and I needed a way out, but nothing existed! Instagram was just starting out, and I thought it would be cute to make large scale prints that you could place your baby on almost as part of the art, and post on social media. We were the very first baby brand to do this. Social media plays a huge role in our brand, so that has been a huge inspiration.

Another main influencer to our designs was the birth of my daughters. I used to keep a notebook next to my bed and jot down random thoughts that I would think while I was up breastfeeding in the middle of the night. The thoughts and feelings after becoming a new mom are so powerful. After I had given birth to my first daughter, and figuring out breastfeeding, I just couldn’t believe how destroyed my body felt. I kept thinking ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me these things?!’. This is how the ‘shit just got real’ design came about. Again, I knew if I was feeling this, I figured others could relate. That one is our all time best selling designs. I have even had moms email from the delivery room right after giving birth to tell me how much they love and now understand that design. I guess people could relate after all! ;)

coveted things swaddle 4.jpg


And where does your product design inspiration come from? We LOVE your products.

Thank you! There is a quote that says ‘Create what you wish existed’. That is sort of the running motto in my head for this business. I wanted contemporary swaddles, so I made them. I wanted soft organic swaddles (which didn’t exist at the time either), so I made them. I wanted a funny swaddle that made new moms and dads laugh in those first few months, so I created it. I wanted to do a co branded line with another company, so I did it. I just think about what I want/ or would have wanted when my babies were born, and I make it. I really believe in setting goals for yourself, actually writing them down, and then focusing on accomplishing them. 

Which product design is your current favorite?

I love the ‘life grows lovely where you are’ swaddle.  I worked so hard to get that perfect shade of blush, and every time I see it, it just brings me joy.  I really love the ‘life is but a dream’ swaddle because it feels so calm. Every swaddle has a story behind it, and I love them all in different ways. One night I was up in the middle of the night breastfeeding my younger daughter right after she was born. Her name is Goldie, and I remember clear as day looking down at her and thinking ‘When I met you I knew we would shine together’. It was just what I was feeling about her at that moment. I put that phrase on a swaddle, and it has since become one of our top sellers. 


Tell us about juggling a career with two children. Do you have any good pumping stories for us?

'Weee-wooo weeee-wooooo weeee-wooo'  When I read this question, I literally heard that weird pumping sound in my head! You know that sound! 

My kids are always with me. Now that they are older (3 and 5), they go to school for a few hours every day, but when they were little, I was constantly juggling building a business with tending to the needs of the babies. We don’t have family in LA, or nannies, so it really has been a crazy ride. The past few years have been a blur. I always say if I can look back on this time and laugh, it will all be worth it.  

Since they were always with me, I found it easier to just breastfeed rather than pump. I actually realllllyyyyyy hated pumping, so unfortunately I don’t have any good stories.

What is your best advice for creative moms out there?

I really believe that having a creative outlet is so important for everyone, we need it for our souls to be at ease.  I would suggest figuring out what makes you happy, and going for it. 

Finally, we have a thing about “you got this mama” advice because we believe every mama has a day (or two or two hundred) that she needs to feel the love. What is your “you got this mama” story or advice for pumpspotting app users?  

I would just say to take everything one day at a time. Being a mom is so hard both physically and emotionally. There are so many ups and downs, good days and bad days, but that is also just life in general. You can’t only have good days, or you would never appreciate them. You have a choice in life. You can focus on the good or the bad, I chose to focus on the good.

You really have to try to be present in each moment and take what comes, which I know is easier said than done. Be thankful for every single minute, and take a lot of pictures, because more often than not you will look back on them with only the fond memories.  

Every night after my girls are asleep, I put my hand on their hearts, feel their heartbeats and say thank you. I remember how thankful I was the first time I saw their little hearts flicker on those ultrasound machines, and I never want to lose sight of that. I want to close out every day with my gratitude for them, and the happiness they have brought to our lives. I am so grateful they chose me to be their mama!


so, so many thanks to the beautiful and inspirational Meridith. we absolutely love to see you shine in this community of motherhood.